Jul 232015
Push 'Stage'

The Push ‘stage’ (pun intended) as it is the part of birth where ‘lights, camera, action’ happens. My experience over the years has made me think and practice differently. There are two possible scenarios: Scenario 1: The mama reports that she feels like pushing. She is asked to get onto the bed, is set in a semi lying position, the light is on Ms. V who is the main character, the [read more]

Why I DO NOT do Vaginal Exam

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Jun 032015
Why I DO NOT do Vaginal Exam

“I am only 2cm after that much work?” said the Mama after the vaginal examination which was part of the routine ‘baseline’ checks done upon arrival at the hospital. These words were an indicator that she was discouraged by the findings. Not only was she told that she was “only 2cm dilated” but she was also told that “this is a sign you may not be in labor”. “How is [read more]

Mar 192015
Baby Talk Forum

We are always happy to host forums for Mums. They are a nice time to meet other mums, share experiences, learn and get new ideas. This Forum will answer your Labor and Birth questions and any other you may have. Mums shall tour our Birth Center and get to know more about our services. We look forward to meeting you. Book a space.

Nov 252014
Prenatal Care

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Prenatal refers to the season of pregnancy. The care given to a pregnant woman during this period is referred to as Prenatal care. Prenatal care should start as soon as you discover that you are pregnant. You can receive care from a Midwife, Family Physician or an obstetrician. Your choice of the care provider is really determined by your needs and care preferences. If you have any special medical needs, your [read more]

Oct 302014
Celebrating Kenya's First Lady Margaret Kenyatta

The need for great care and support for expectant and new mothers is our passion. As Ina May Gaskin puts it, “If a woman doesn’t look like a goddess during labor, then someone isn’t treating her right.” Kenya’s first Lady’s  Margaret Kenyatta has in the last one year given herself to help women get better care during birth. She has ran to raise funds and has managed to deliver seven [read more]