“A woman’s birth experience lasts with her for a lifetime. The best gift to give her for carrying a pregnancy and  birthing her baby , is a birth experience that she will cherish for a lifetime.”
Lucy Muchiri


There are a lo9t of not so positive birth stories that cause anxiety around and about birth. Pregnancy and birth has become very clinical and the natural way lost.

As a society, our traditional support systems for expectant parents have been disrupted over time by advances in technology and culture. We find ourselves separated by various factors from people who can offer much needed support during the child bearing season of life.

Our service help give a positive outlook to the birthing process by demystifying pregnancy and birth, empowering the woman with information and supporting her so she can trust her body and her abilities.


Pre-natal Care:

Lucy-3161Our one hour visits allows us to get to know one another. We take time to empower, support and educate you and your family so you are able to make your own birth decisions.

The first visit is more detailed, we discuss your medical history with more emphasis on your Gynecological history. We do a full physical examination, calculate your pregnancy age and estimate when your baby will arrive. We then recommend basic blood tests to just make sure your blood level is okay and check if you have infections that can be passed to your baby.

Subsequent visits are planned monthly till week 32 then every 2 weeks till the Baby’s arrival. The plan can change depending on how you are. During each visit we discuss your health, nutrition, exercise, body changes, and emotional state. We answer questions and unfold the pregnancy journey to ensure you enjoy and manage every step. Our clients can call us 24/7 or email if they have any questions.

If you’re getting Prenatal care elsewhere but need to discuss issues in your pregnancy with a midwife, we are available and provide consultations  for you and help you explore available options.

Prenatal visits can be done at the Office or Home on Request.


Birth Essentials Program:

shutterstock_4467244This is our experiential, informative, interactive and fun to be at child birth preparation program for Mums and their birth partners. Through teaching, sharing during group discussion, role play and creative expression, the 5 weeks, 3 hour session a week creates a non-judgmental, supportive environment to explore your understanding of birth.

The sessions will help you integrate mind, body and heart knowledge to prepare for your birth experience and transition into parenthood. This information enables you to have an open mind towards labor. Then you are in your birth and not at your birth.

Enroll for the program between week 30 and 32 so you have finished by week 37.

We host both group and private classes.


Birth at Our Birth Center:

FullSizeRenderThe Birth Center is designed for parents who wish to actively participate in every phase a natural childbirth experience. The Midwife’s ‘no hurry’ approach to birth together with the relationship and trust that the mother has developed with the midwife actually makes out of hospital births faster and safer. The non interventional approach has very few complications. We incorporate her family so they too can celebrate the miracle of new life and the arrival of their new baby.

Our midwives are trained to recognize potential risks during pregnancy and early labor and organize a transfer. We are trained in CPR and always agree with the mother on the place and/or obstetrician to transfer to when medical help is needed.


Home Birth:

_MG_7801Through out history, birth in most cultures was a family oriented ceremony that happened in the home.
In Africa, home births still take the lead the disadvantage being that they are attended by unskilled persons but with a skilled midwife and a non-interruptive approach, a home birth can be a safe option to a low-risk mother.

A Home birth as an option needs to be a choice and desire above all else. Birth needs to happen in a place where the mother feels safe and comfortable. The familiar surrounding provides much needed comfort and relaxation that is essential for coping with labor.  Generally, a home birth allows the mum to write her own script, take center stage and have people she wants supporting her birth. Mother and baby have less chances of getting infections during birth at home.


Water Birth:

FullSizeRender_3At no extra charge, mothers get to enjoy the benefits of using water as a pain relief option during labor.
The warm water, enhances buoyancy allowing the mother to relax and open up. For mothers who want, birthing in water is a possibility too.

Birthing in water helps avoid tears or reduce the severity. It provides a very gentle landing for the baby as they are born into an environment similar to the one they are from.

Water births are generally very peaceful and calming allowing the mum and/or dad to participate in the reception of her baby.


Birth Support at Your Hospital Birth:

em_31Finding someone who understands what you are going through tends to lessen any burden.

A Doula is a companion who does this for an expectant mother and her family. They know and understand her preferences and support her physically and emotionally through her season of pregnancy, labor, birthing and after the birth of her child. This includes support to Mums who have to have an elective Caesarian section.

Enroll for our Labor Support and Coaching service by week 30 so you can establish the relationship way in advance of labor with your Doula.



Post Birth Support:

_MG_8082Parenting instincts kick in as soon as a parent gets to see and hold their child. However, there are many skills you will need to learn so as to take care of your child with confidence, while your body returns to its pre-pregnancy state.

Our support and care helps you make adjustments to motherhood and learn the basic skills needed to take care of your baby.

Postpartum care includes:

  • First visit done at home or hospital 24-48 hours after birth
  • Second visit at the end of week one or in the second week
  • Third visit in week 4-6 at our birth center
  • Breastfeeding support throughout the post birth period




e copyWellness is a positive approach to living that integrates the body, mind and spirit. This helps you appreciate that everything in you impacts your general health. Discussions around your Lifestyle helps you identify what’s negatively impacting your life and take charge of your health.

Marital Counseling, birth control guide. We take speaking engagements at bridal showers too.

Birth Control
Guide you in deciding which option best suits you and your body

Pre-pregnancy guide
Preparing your body and mind for pregnancy is important. We guide you through the planning process providing you with the information you need to make great decisions and to prepare

Birth well; Here with You

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  2. Hi Eve’s Mama:

    Hope all is well.I’m B**** A***** living in Uganda.You were recommended by a friend one Crystal Evans who gave birth at your centre.

    Me and my girlfriend who’s due in July are interested in your services.She’s currently in Kampala.

    Kindly let me know when you are free and we can further our conversation via voice call.
    My sunday is free and monday after 4pm is free. I’m also available on wednesday 8-5pm

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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  3. I would like to know the delivery cost .thanks

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