Who is a Midwife?

Midwifery was birthed by the historic way Lucy-3252of life where women helped women during child birth. Though there are male midwives today, females still dominate the profession.

A Midwife, which in old English means “with woman” is a health care professional who provides care and support to women during pregnancy, labour and birth, and after the birth to care for the newborn baby.

Midwives do believe that because of the midwifery model, they are best suited to take care of expectant mums with a low-risk pregnancy.


What Midwives believe about childbirth:

Childbearing is a profound experience, which carries significant meaning to the woman, her family and the community. Midwifery care promotes, protects and supports women’s reproductive rights and respects ethnic and cultural diversity

Birth is a normal physiological processes. Combining the art and science in birth, helps provide holistic care that caters for all of the woman’s wellness spheres social, emotional, cultural, spiritual, psychological and physical.
Midwifery promotes and advocates for a natural process in childbirth and use of interventions only when necessary.

Every woman has an intrinsic ability to carry and birth her baby and therefore the care given should be personalized and centered on her. The woman is the primary decision-maker in her care and she has the right to information that enhances her decision-making abilities.  The practice aims at building the women’s self confidence, and empowering her in handling childbirth.


What Midwives do:

Midwife taking Blood pressure

Trained in a  Midwifery school and examined by the state council, midwives are then registered by the Country or State.

Over and above caring for women, they teach and counsel the woman through her pregnancy, prepare her for and support her at birth, and guide her into her new role.

Though they mostly care for women whose pregnancy is low-risk, they are trained to recognize and deal with complications as well as certain high risk situations.

Midwives use technology appropriately and effect referral in a timely manner when problems arise.  Midwives and Obstetricians often work together and can complement each other in providing care to childbearing women.

Midwives are trained to handle certain more difficult deliveries like breech and twin births, births where the baby is in a posterior position, and often use non-invasive techniques in their care.

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