Feb 202013
A Home Birth after A Caeserian

Really happy to publish this birth Story. Having had her first baby by a Caesarean Section despite starting off as a home birth, Nthenya Haynes decided to follow after what she wanted for her second birth. She had a HBAC…Home Birth After Caeserian. Here’s the Birth Story by Nthenya. ” I knew I wanted to have a hospital birth this time around because my first experience with childbirth was a [read more]

Making a Holiday Trip With Your Child:

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Dec 212012
Making a Holiday Trip With Your Child:

Most parents considered traveling with a child quite a task. A lot of children do not travel in their first year, which is good as it allows them to settle in one environment and form their immunity. As much as it is a task, you can make it easier for yourself and fun for your child. Many children love to be on the road as the movement and the focus [read more]

Travel Guide: Pregnancy

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Dec 182012
Travel Guide: Pregnancy

Although travel during pregnancy is recommended during the second trimester and restricted after that, a holiday while pregnant is deserved. While you plan to travel, your safety and that of your baby is of great importance.   Here are a few tips you could use as you plan for your holiday and travel. Before You Travel: Destination Details: Choose your holiday destination with caution. You want a place that will [read more]

Recovering From a ‘Failed’ Birth Plan

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Nov 092012
Recovering From a ‘Failed’ Birth Plan

Writing a birth plan is a common and great practice today. It helps the mum picture and plan for her soon coming birth and allows the birth team to identify the areas they can participate in while supporting the mum. What if the birth plan “fails”? Or is ignored and not considered? Birth outcomes can occasionally be a surprise. Anger, disappointment and guilt are some of the emotions that come [read more]

Nov 032012
Conflicts in  Pregnancy and Birth Care:

Call it a Spade: This article is one that will raise your eyebrow. And that is the intention:-) A lot of things/procedures around pregnancy and birth have followed a ‘hush hush, don’t think or talk about it” kind of approach. So we call it a spade, and tell you what it entails, hoping that you can now think and talk about it:-) Disclaimer: evesmama is a midwifery service provider meaning [read more]