Oct 302014
Celebrating Kenya's First Lady Margaret Kenyatta

The need for great care and support for expectant and new mothers is our passion. As Ina May Gaskin puts it, “If a woman doesn’t look like a goddess during labor, then someone isn’t treating her right.” Kenya’s first Lady’s  Margaret Kenyatta has in the last one year given herself to help women get better care during birth. She has ran to raise funds and has managed to deliver seven [read more]

May 142014
My Return to Blogging: 5 Lessons Learnt in 2013

If a baby was conceived the day I last posted an article on this page, the pregnancy is at 38 weeks:-)! Gladly, I have beaten the Due date! I took a break from blogging to interact with my clients, their pregnancy and birth journeys and their new born babies as they are my greatest teachers. I am ever so grateful for the lessons I learn  and the ability to share [read more]