Nov 252014
Prenatal Care

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Prenatal refers to the season of pregnancy. The care given to a pregnant woman during this period is referred to as Prenatal care. Prenatal care should start as soon as you discover that you are pregnant. You can receive care from a Midwife, Family Physician or an obstetrician. Your choice of the care provider is really determined by your needs and care preferences. If you have any special medical needs, your [read more]

Nov 032012
Conflicts in  Pregnancy and Birth Care:

Call it a Spade: This article is one that will raise your eyebrow. And that is the intention:-) A lot of things/procedures around pregnancy and birth have followed a ‘hush hush, don’t think or talk about it” kind of approach. So we call it a spade, and tell you what it entails, hoping that you can now think and talk about it:-) Disclaimer: evesmama is a midwifery service provider meaning [read more]

Labor: You Sure Can

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Aug 212012
Labor: You Sure Can

“My pain threshold is really low, I would rather have an epidural, I cannot go through what I have heard” Eskey said to me during our meeting. Eskey had talked to a few of her friends who gave her very varied experiences. My thoughts are that most women may remember the pain that comes with labor but none of us can describe it fully. It is stored in our subconscious [read more]