Recovering From a ‘Failed’ Birth Plan

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Nov 092012
Recovering From a ‘Failed’ Birth Plan

Writing a birth plan is a common and great practice today. It helps the mum picture and plan for her soon coming birth and allows the birth team to identify the areas they can participate in while supporting the mum. What if the birth plan “fails”? Or is ignored and not considered? Birth outcomes can occasionally be a surprise. Anger, disappointment and guilt are some of the emotions that come [read more]

Aug 142012
Baby's Milestones: First Year

A newborn baby brings lots of joys; however anxieties on whether your baby’s development is normal or not exist. Remember, no two babies are alike so do not compare. Secondly enjoy the phase your baby is in as it will not be repeated. Birth to 8 weeks: The first month is generally quiet as there’s a lot of learning for both baby and parents. By the end of the second [read more]

Jul 022012
Caring For a Prematurely Born Baby:

I had firsthand experience of mothering a Preemie when my third baby Muriithi (whose picture is to the left) was born on week 34. 1 out of every 10 babies world over will be born before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy. These babies are commonly referred to as Preterms, Preemies or Prems. The causes for these early births are unknown but can happen when the mama is unwell or the [read more]

May 182012
Potty Training 'Green Light'

When my first son turned 2 years, I was very keen to stop buying diapers. That December holiday as his birthday is at the end of November, I set to Potty training my toddler. It was a challenging thought and the job turned out to be quite tough back firing on me twice. I learnt a fact, there is no right age to potty train. Most toddlers will be ready [read more]

Going Back to Work after Having a Baby:

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Apr 022012
Going Back to Work after Having a Baby:

Maternity Leave is a wonderful time for a mum. You get to bond with your new baby, take care of them as they grow and you rest and recover from birth. The most dreaded part of this time is its end…mums get anxious about being away from their baby, leaving baby with someone else and readjusting to work and the whole going to work process. The most important thing to [read more]