Parenting, a life long adventure

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Aug 192013
Parenting, a life long adventure

Parenting is a life long adventure. It can be both challenging and rewarding. There are seasons when parents feel overwhelmed and there are seasons when they are at ease. Despite the fact that we have many books that talk about parenting, none and no one can prepare you fully for parenting. This is because your child is unique, they have never existed. And though people can be alike, the combinations [read more]

Facts about Your Newborn Baby’s Senses

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Mar 252013
Facts about Your Newborn Baby’s Senses

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” Eda J Le Shan Most parents worry about their baby’s senses. While there are tests that can be done to determine the level of development, the first year of life makes a big difference in the development of the senses. Here are a few facts you need to know about your newborns senses. Smell and Taste: [read more]

Feb 202013
Tumbo-Wrap: A Solution for Regaining your Pre-pregnancy body

The saying “Necessity is the mother of Invention” was true for Nthenya Haynes. She shares how she came up with the Tumbo-Wrap while planning for her second birth and recovery. “During my second pregnancy, I started looking for a comfortable corset to wear after giving birth to help me regain my body shape. It was both for health and vanity reasons. The idea of a corset really appealed to me [read more]

Jan 152013
After Birth: What no one tells you

A new born baby brings lots of joy, excitement and contentment. A midst that, a few changes and realities do occur. We share some of the realities that no one might mention about what happens after birth and as always share some tips.   The love-hate relationship: You love your baby so much that you do no trust anyone with them…even the dad:-). This is your precious child, you supervise [read more]

Jan 112013
Baby's Teething: What To Do

A balanced diet rich in calcium does not only protect the mama’s teeth while she is pregnant but also contributes to the development of her new born baby’s dental formula. The dental formula gets formed as other organs are getting formed in the womb. Dentists say that some antibiotics taken by the mum while pregnant and taken by baby in the early part of their life can make the saliva [read more]