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The start of labor is a sign that the birth-day you have been waiting for has come!


Birthing is how a Mum gets to meet your Baby

Birthing is how a Mum gets to meet your Baby

Birth is the culmination of pregnancy and marks the beginning of the parenting journey. it is an exciting time and one of the most memorable time of a mother’s and fathers life.

Majority of women will remember their birth experience. As Midwives, we care for and and support women to ensure they give birth safely, with power and dignity as this helps them create a pleasant memory.

Preparation for Labor and birth is very important. Some of the things we recommend you do include:

  1. Take a Child birth Class:
    In almost all cultures, women passed on the knowledge and skill to prepare for birth and parenting. Today, due to the social-economic dynamics, women especially i the urban settings have limited access to support from their peers.
    A child birth class is then a woman’s best bet as you will get the necessary knowledge and skills you need for labor and birth. A good childbirth class helps you gain confidence and trust your ability to give birth, shares ways to cope with Labor and helps you plan for birth and parenting.
    Check out our “Birth essentials Program”
  2. Explore your Birth Options:
    You can have your baby born at the Hospital or Home. Yes Home. These options will be discussed in your Childbirth class. You can discuss the options with your Midwife or Doctor too. Mostly, Midwives will be the ones who support home births. Visit several hospitals and settle on one that you feel most comfortable at. Choose the kind of birth you want too, Natural, Medical or Surgical birth.
  3. Put together your Birth Plan:
    This is a vision of how you want your birth to be. Make sure you discuss this with your Midwife or doctor and your Doula too. They all should help you achieve the birth you want.
  4. Hire a Doula:
    A doula is a person who provides you with both physical and emotional support during labor. being alone can make the labor process harder. The doula comes in to be with you and your spouse, cares for both of you and helps you understand what is at hand and how to cope. They are really your ‘shadow’ for the day and are a great resource whether you are having a home or hospital birth.
  5. Keep it positive:
    lots of birth stories out there…as earlier mentioned, women do remember their birth experiences so you will get lots of stories and experiences. Remember, all women have different experiences and most of their experiences are influenced by various factors surrounding the birth. Listen to the positive and encouraging ones but the best is, wait for your story.


Have a lovely labor and birth day:-)

‘Here with You’ eve’smama

Lucy Muchiri

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  1. Hi Lucy,

    I came across your interview with Kambua and this is soo timely for me.

    I am just about to get into my 3rd trimester, been looking / shopping around for birthing classes and where i can hire the services of a doula.

    I believe this will be my one stop shop.


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