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Parenting is a life long adventure. It can be both challenging and rewarding.

father_playing_with_childThere are seasons when parents feel overwhelmed and there are seasons when they are at ease. Despite the fact that we have many books that talk about parenting, none and no one can prepare you fully for parenting. This is because your child is unique, they have never existed. And though people can be alike, the combinations of parent and child differ in most cases.

You therefore have to write your own manual on how to parent your child. Remember to remain open to learning and to adjust along the parenting journey.

To help you as you come up with your manual, and to add to the much you have and will continue to read, we share a few tips:


Tip 1: Be there for your child

Time is one of the best things you can give your child. Be involved in their growth and development. It sure is a sacrifice and is hard work but it pays up. Identify activities you can do together at every stage of their life. You might be surprised that 20 mins for a child under 5 years is a long time. Make the time fun and memorable.

Tip 2: Children learn from Parents:

Whatever you do is significant. How you respond to your child, situations and to other people may be what your child learns to do. Always take in a deep breath before responding. If you catch yourself having erred, undo the action by accepting your error and explaining to your child why what you did was wrong.


Good parenting is a balance between a loving, caring parent and a happy responsible child.parent-child

President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future”

Tip 3: Be Obviously loving:

The future begins on a love note. Your child should not wonder whether you care and love them. Actions really do speak louder than words; hugs, kisses, play show more love to your child that the new toy or cookies. Love lays the foundation for both instruction and discipline which is beneficial for the future.

Tip 4: Set Clear Limits and be realistic:

Your child will do something wrong at some point. Ensure that she/he knows and understands the consequences of their behavior. Be consistent in implementing this so it does not become a joke. Remember to praise them when they correct their behavior and emphasize the need to maintain the good act.


A relaxed parent is calm and is better at parenting.

LifePointParenting.326141451Stress may interfere with your parenting. Therefore,

                  • Take care of yourself, eat right, sleep enough and exercise regularly.
                  • Take time off to relax and rejuvenate.
                  • Engage in fun times with your child like play, as this takes lots of pressure away.
                  • Learn from other parents.
                  • Enjoy Parenting

Lucy Muchiri

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