May 042012

Information about childbirth and early parenting from books and the internet is in plenty. This would almost make a parent-to-be find no need to take a childbirth classes. However, I  find it vital for parents (both dad and mum) to invest in a childbirth class especially before the birth of their first baby.

Childbirth classes curate the information for you and give you the details you need.

Here are a few reasons to take a childbirth class:
1. Get the full picture:
Know the facts. Childbirth classes help you filter the information and understand the essentials. It also creates a forum for you to talk about your fears and anxieties with other parents-to-be. Some of the fears are derived from myths and hearsay. The facilitator helps dispel the myths and lay out the facts.
2. Gather Information:
The class gives a chance to learn from the facilitator’s knowledge and experience. The facilitator gets to also give you the current best practice. You will find out how labor starts and what happens to your body during labor. This allows you to identify your own coping techniques and go through labor your own way. Early parenting experiences are demystified and you are empowered with the skills necessary to handle your newborn baby. The Visual aids, demonstrations and hands on practice allow you to get information that will last.
3. Get ready:
The information and skills gathered help you prepare for the coming of your baby physically, emotionally and even financially as you get to know what to expect. This makes the start to your parenting journey easier and exciting. An empowering birth always leaves lasting memories.
4. Get Connected:
A childbirth class helps you connect with your labor partner. The classes offer your partner the chance to understand childbirth, and know how to support you during labor.  If your birth partner is your spouse, it  helps you two to bond as this is vital for child proofing your marriage. If you are in a class with other parents-to-be, the social interaction enhances the experience and you get to form new relationships with people in the same season as you.

Your Choice of class depends on whether you prefer a private one or not, the cost, your choice of birth place and the model the facilitators use.

All in all, enjoy your birth class,


Lucy Muchiri

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