Oct 252010

About 10 years ago, the trend became that men accompany their spouse/partners through the birthing process. It was a fantastic idea and women embraced it thoroughly as they now had someone familiar to them with them in the labor and delivery room to cheer them on, encourage them and be there to offer support.

Probably, those men were not fully aware of what the process was. Talking to a few men I have come to learn that men have over the years become traumatized by that whole process and that would explain why the trend is changing. Men now want to be out of the process and especially out of the delivery room and be informed immediately the process is over.

Most women however still embrace the support and want their partners/spouse with them throughout the labor and birthing process.

Here are three reasons why I think men need to be involved not only in the pregnancy but in the birthing process as well.

  1. The support men offer to their spouse/partner cannot be equaled to that of any other person. This is simply because they are the other parent. The team is comprised of the two parents and the baby.
  2. The birthing process creates a great bond between the couple. The fact that the father was there to receive the baby, held the baby at birth and probably said something to the baby helps initiate a very strong family bond that is shared by the three team members
  3. The birth of your child is a significant milestone in your life and family life that should never be missed for anything.

There is a great need for men to be thoroughly prepared for this process to avoid any physical and emotional trauma. One thing they must accept is that they may not be in control of this process.

Lucy Muchiri

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  1. Hi nataraji mtoto wangu wapili bt wakwanza i was’nt there must i be in the room 4sure bcoz ma wify say i shld b wht do i stand 2gain.

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