Jun 062017
Self Care Tips for Mothers                                  

Reflecting on  Mother’s Day in May, I thought every day should be Mother’s Day! Simple reason, you are a Mum every day. But for a Mum to feel that special every day, she needs to do a few special things for herself. As mothers, the naturing nature we have sends us to giving and doing a lot for our families and the people around us. so, because we are mothers [read more]

Sep 282015
Labor and Birth

The start of labor is a sign that the birth-day you have been waiting for has come!   Birth is the culmination of pregnancy and marks the beginning of the parenting journey. it is an exciting time and one of the most memorable time of a mother’s and fathers life. Majority of women will remember their birth experience. As Midwives, we care for and and support women to ensure they [read more]

Having a baby in the comfort of your home

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Jul 242015
Having a baby in the comfort of your home

Article by Doreen Wainainah for Business Daily For a majority of mothers-to-be, giving birth involves a hospital stay. But a growing number of women are choosing to have babies in the comfort of their homes or at birthing pools, surrounded by loved ones, a midwife and a doula. …“The birthing centre provided a home-like environment and I even listened to music as I laboured,” she says. Read more here